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Import of High risk food products at specific ports

export import

Reference is drawn to Board s Instruction No. 31/2022 dated 14.11.2022 relating to

the restriction on the entry of Food Items only through specific ports, based on a reference

from FSSAI order dated 17.10.2022 yv.e.f.01 02 2023,

  1. Further FSSAI \/ide order dated 11 01.2023 and subsequent clarification (copy enclosed). has modified above said order to permit the import of below specified high-risk products only through des:'gnated 7-^ ports as per attached ar'nexure (copy attached) and to implement the same from 1*t March, 2023. The list of such high-risk food products is as specified below:-
    1. Milk and Milk Products:

l'ii) Egg powder.

  1. Meat and Meat Products including Poultry’. Fish and their products.
  2. Food for Infant nutrition i Infant Foods.
  3. Nutraceuticals. Health supplements. Food for Dietary uses. Probiotic and prebiotic foods. Foods for Special Medical Purpose


  1. The Board Instruction No. 31/2022 dated 14.11.2022 is moJified to the above extent. It is requested to sensitize the officers and trade under your jurisdiction on the above orders of FSSAI by way of issue of suitable public notice/ standing order Advance arrangements should be made for seamless implementation of the mociified orders of FSSAI.


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