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DGFT Advisory for Anonymised Escalation Mechanism (AEM) for delayed Bill of Entry under Faceless Assessment

DGFT Advisory for Bill of Entry,

CBIC has endeavored to provide an Anonymized Escalation Mechanism for ICEGATE registered users where they submit their grievance for delay in Bill of Entry clearance under faceless assessment. The delay in clearance would subsequently be escalated to the concerned Faceless Assessment Officers.

The Anonymised Escalation facility also enables users to track the status of grievances submitted by them till the eventual resolution.

Please note that grievance can be logged for delay in Bill of Entry clearance if the below criterias are met:

  1. There should be a minimum 24 hours gap after filing of BE for the registration of grievance request
  2. Grievance can be logged for Bill of Entries in which IGM number and date has been mentioned.

The following step wise guide is to be followed for logging a grievance and tracking a previously logged grievance through Anonymised Escalation Mechanism available post login on ICEGATE.

Logging a grievance

  1. Login through ICEGATE user portal.
  2. Select “Taxpayer’s Grievance Application” and then click on “Register BE (Bill of Entry) Grievance”.
  3. Enter Bill of Entry details and click on Submit button to create a grievance.
  4. If the details match the specified criterias for grievance creation, a new grievance will be created and a grievance number shall be provided for tracking purpose. Otherwise appropriate error message will be generated.

Tracking previously logged grievance status

Status of the registered grievance can be tracked by providing ICEGATE ID and either of the following:

  • Bill of Entry details, including Bill of Entry number, Bill of Entry date and Port code
  • Grievance number
  1. Login through ICEGATE user portal.
  2. Select “Taxpayer’s Grievance Application” and then click on “Track BE Grievance”.
  3. Grievance status can be fetched either with grievance details or BE details. Click on search type drop down and select the search type.


  1. Search by Grievance details:
  1. Select Type as Grievance Details and enter Grievance Number and Grievance date and click on Submit
  2. Grievance status shall be shown as below:


  1. Search by Bill of Entry details:
  1. Select type as Bill of Entry (BE) details and enter Bill of Entry number, port code and date
  2. Grievance status shall be shown as below

For any further queries or help kindly contact ICEGATE Helpdesk Team on or 1800-3010-1000


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