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CBIC instruction on BIS standards for toys or parts of toys during import

Instruction for BIS on toy,

Instruction No.06/2023 February 13th, 2023

Compliance of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards for toys or parts of toys during import

Board  is  in  receipt  of  references,  on  the  above  subject,  for  strengthening compliance with the prescribed BIS standards. In this regard, your attention is drawn to  Toys  (Quality  Control)  Order,  2020  dated  25.02.2020  effective  from  01.01.2021 which, inter-alia,mandates conformity with the corresponding Indian Standard(s) for toys (including import), and further stipulates that it shall bear the Standard Mark under a license from BIS). These standards are mentioned in column (2) of the Table below:

Goods or Articles

Indian Standard

Title of Indian Standard











IS 9873 (Part 1) : 2018

Safety  of  Toys  Part  l  Safety  Aspects Related   to   Mechanical   and   Physical Properties.

IS 9873 (Part 2) : 2017

Safety of Toys Part 2 Flammability.

IS 9873 (Part 3) : 2017

Safety  Requirements  for  Toys  Part  3 Migration of Certain Elements

IS 9873 (Part 4) : 2017

Safety  of  Toys  Part  4  Swings,  Slides and  Similar  Activity  Toys  for  Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use

IS 9873 (Part 7) : 2017

Safety  of  Toys  Part  7  Requirements and Test Methods for Finger Paints

IS 9873 (Part 9) : 2017

Safety of Toys Part 9 Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys and Children’s Products.

IS 15644: 2006

Safety of Electric Toys.


2.The field formations and Directorates may take necessary steps to prevent violation of  the  Toys  QCO  and ensure  that officers  handling  the  assessment  of  these  goods have  a  clear  understanding  of  the  requirements  under  these  Orders  and  how  the satisfaction of those requirements is to be verified.

3.To facilitate the verification to prevent violation of the Toys QCO, the BIS has made available the list of BIS licensees of domestic manufacturers and foreign suppliers of toys  as  per  their  Website  and  Mobile App.  The  flowchart  to  access  these  details  is given at Annexure-1 to this Instruction.

4.Further, it is important to note that Toys QCO defines “toys” as “Product or material designed or  clearly  intended,  whether or  not  exclusively,  for use  in  play by children under 14 years of age or any other product as notified by the Central Government from time to time”. Thus, not only do the toys as per Toys QCO have a wider definition than what is generally perceived in the HSN, but also the toys definition applies to toy parts including  in  a  completely  knocked  down  (CKD)  or  semi-knocked  down  (SKD) condition,  if  the  said  parts  retain  the  essential  character  of  toy  defined  above. Moreover,  if  any  such  toy  parts  are  regulated  through  any  other  Quality  Control Order/Technical  Regulations,  then  the  provisions  of  respective  Quality  Control Order/Technical Regulations shall apply.

5.It may be noted that even when toyparts are imported formanufacturing toys under IGCRS,   2022   in   terms   of   exemption   Notification   No. 50/2017-Customs   dated 30.06.2017, there is a requirement to ensure, that the manufacturer possesses valid BIS certificate for such manufacturing, by verifying on BIS portal / App as specified in said Annexure-I.

Moreover,  to  facilitate  risk  management,  verification  and  avoid  queries  during clearance, the importers must be sensitized to enter the manufacturer details and their BIS license at the appropriate place at the item level in the Bill of Entry. DG Systems shall shortly also issue a suitable advisory in this regard.

he difficulties, if any, in the implementation of this Instruction may be brought to the notice of the Board.



 STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click on the tile “Conformity Assessment (Manakonline)”

STEP 3: Click on the tile “Search a licence”

STEP 4: In the “Search IS Number” field enter the IS no i.e. if you are accessing the list of non-electric toys enter “9873” and then IS 9873 Part 1 will appear in the next field. Then enter the captcha and click “Generate Report”

(you can access the list of electric toys in the same way by entering “15644” in the search IS

number field)

STEP 5: You can access/download the list now


You can also access :

  1. The details of a specific licence using the licence number (CM/L-) or the Name of the licensee from the tab “Status of Licence”
  2. The details of expired/cancelled licences from the tab “Licences Expired/Cancelled”


STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Mouse over “Conformity Assessment” at the top of the screen

STEP 3: Under the “FMCS” column, click on “Licensee”

STEP 4: Click on the link (click here) for the “List of BIS licensees (IS wise)”

STEP 5: In the “IS Number” field enter the IS no i.e. if you are accessing the list of nonelectric toys enter “9873” and then select IS 9873 Part 1:2019 from the dropdown menu.

Then click search.

(you can access the list of electric toys in the same way by entering “15644” in the IS

number field and then selecting IS 15644:2006)

STEP 5: You can access the list now


BIS care app can be used to verify the details of any licence

STEP 1: Download the BIS Care App from Android/Apple app store to your device

STEP 2: Click on “verify licence details”

STEP 3: Enter the licence number, and click “Go”

Details of the licence can now be accessed.

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