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CBIC amends 5 Customs Notifications w.r.t imports of Flat panels, Display modules, or Control circuits into India from Singapore

CBIC amendment for custom

The CBIC vide Notification No. 61/2022-Customs dated November 25, 2022, amended 5 Customs Notifications related to imports of goods from Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan. Through the amendment, goods namely Flat Panel, Display Modules without driver or Control Circuit for cellular mobile phones under Chapter, heading, sub heading and tariff 85241100 or 85241200 or 85241900 have been added into the respective notifications. The respective Notifications are as follows:


Purpose Relevant Entry by which goods have been inserted
Notification No. 73/2005-Customs, dated  July 22, 2005 Provide exemption to specified goods of the origin of Republic of Singapore, when imported into India from Republic of Singapore

Entry No. 134A

Notification No. 151/2009-Customs, dated December 31,  2009

Exempts goods when imported into India from the Republic of Korea, from whole of the duty of customs

Entry No. 68A

Notification No. 46/2011-Customs, dated   June 1, 2011 Provide duty concessions to Philippines and other ASEAN countries in view of ASEAN- India FTA (AIFTA).

Entry No. 1382A

Notification No. 53/2011-Customs,  dated July 1, 2011

Provides tariff concession to specified goods imported from Malaysia under India-Malaysia CECA.

Entry No. 1423A

Notification No. 69/2011-Customs,  dated July 29, 2011 Provide exemption to goods as specified, when imported form Japan, from the duty of customs leviable thereon as is in excess of the amount calculated at the rate specified in the corresponding entry in column (4) of the aforesaid Table is exempted -

Entry 680A

Because of the amendment, importers of Flat Panel, Display Modules without drivers, or Control Circuits for cellular mobile phones will now be able to take advantage of the exemptions specified in the respective Notifications.


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