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Release Plan of 45 company e-Forms in MCA 21 Version 3.0-reg.

MCA 21vrsion _mmtaxclub

I am directed to inform all the stakeholders that this Ministry is in the process of introducing certain company e-Forms in MCA21 Version 3.0 (as per Annexure) and thus these e-Forms will not be available in MCA21 Version-2 from 07.01.2023 to 22.01.2023.


  1. Therefore, keeping in view the fact above, it has been decided by the Competent Authority to allow additional time of 15 days, without levying additional fees, to the stakeholders, in cases where the due dates for filing of these 45 e-Forms fall during the period between 07.01.2023 and 22.01.2023.
  2. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority. Encl.: As above.                                                                                                                                                                   Source

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