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ICAI urges DGP to issue SoP to be followed before making any Arrest/FIR on a Chartered Accountants

ICAI Patna urges DGP Bihar

Nowadays it has become a common trend to arrest chartered Accountants in fraud cases including financial fraud/ embezzelment / misappropriation etc. and these arrests are happens even if criminal activities are not proven against them.

in light of this issue The Institute of chartered Accountant of India (ICAI), Patna (CIRC) has written to Diractorate General of Police (DGP), Patna, Bihar requesting to issue Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for making any arrest / FIR on a Chartered Accountant.

The Extract of the Letter can be read as under;-

Letter no.:lCAl/PAT/M/001                   Date: 02/04/2022

Directorate General of Police (DGP)
Bihar, Patna

Subject:- Request you to issue a memorandum,  on Standard operating procedure, to be observed and to be followed by, police or any other authority, while making an ARREST OF GHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS.

Apropos to the above, this ietter is being issued to the Concerned Department Authority, for implementing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for any arrest/FIR on a chartered Accountant.

It is unfortunately becoming a common trend nowadays for arresting Chartered Accountants  in almost  all  cases  involving  financial  fraud/embezzlement, misappropriation of siphoning of funds.

It may be noted that documents are filed by the Chartered Accountants in the ordinary course for performing his obligatory duty, and s/he has no reason to doubt the credibility of the documents produced before him, by the clients. Chartered Accountants, in their function as agent, work on behalf o1 their clients. In so far attestation functions are concerned, they are empowered under law to presume fairness and honesty on part of their clients. It is not to suggest that possibility of negligence is not there. But, there is a clear difference between negligence & fraud committed in the eyes of law. Negligence does not involve criminal offense unless it is proved that it is a deliberate action to deceive another person or act done to take undue advantage of the person/situation. The negligence is not there in CrPC in respect of financial transactions, it has terms cheating, forgery, fraud, breach of trust, misappropriations, etc, thus just negligence cannot attract criminal breach.

It is stated unless the criminal Intention i.e. “mens-rea” of the CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS is proved, no criminal actions, such as arrest can be taken against him. Any officer/authority cannot arrest the CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, and spoil his career unless the criminal intention can be proved with proper evidence, which can stand in the court of law. They cannot search the premises of CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS unless they have an order of the competent court proving allegations of fraud against 
him/her. A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is not required to know circumstances under which documents have been signed. There are penalty provisions under the Companies Act if any professional falsely certifies documents a CA is guilty of performing his duty, there are provisions under the Chartered Accountants  Act, 1949 for disciplinary action against him. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is a member of ICAI, which has been established by Parliament which provides the power to the council to establish a Disciplinary Directorate headed by an officer of the Institute designated as Director (Discipline) for making investigations in respect of any information or complaint received by it. Sec 21C of Act provides Disciplinary Directorate to have powers of civil court. If there is any complaint against any CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, a letter of complaint can be sent to Director (Discipline), ICAI Bhawan Indraprastha Marg, Post Box No. 7100, NEW DELHI - 110 002.

A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT cannot be treated at par with a criminal without any guilt or crime by arresting him by police. By doing so, s/he is not being given the opportunity to be heard also. Parliament has passed the Chartered Accountant Act, 1949 which contains a mechanism to punish errant CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT ”members for any negligence in performing his duty.

Therefore it is requested to you, to take this issue and issue a memorandum to be sent to all relevant offices, police headquarters of the State as well as to District police offices including all IG, DM & SP regarding the proper process to be followed by the machinery before any FIR or Arrest of a Chartered Accountant. A Chartered Accountant is a respected person in society who should not be harassed by police & should never be treated at par with criminals.

Therefore it is requested to you that you kindly issue a memorandum, on Standard operating procedure, to be observed and to be followed by, police or any other authority, while making an ARREST OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS.


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