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Amendments in Annexure-IV under Appendix-2A (Imports of Items under TRQ under India- UAE CEPA)

Directorate General of foreign Trade _mmtaxclub

In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 1.03 and 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, and in continuation to Public Notice No. 06/2015-20 dated 01.05.2022, 23/2015-20 dated 29.08.2022, 28/2015-20 dated 06.10.2022 and 32/2015-

20 dated 22.10.2022, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade hereby amends Annexure-IV of Appendix-2A laying down the procedure for import of items under TRQ under India — UAE CEPA.

  1. Revised Conditions under Annexure-IV of Appendix-2A has been annexed herewith.
  2. Further, TRQs issued for import under tariff head 7108 for 1st, 2n^ and 3’d Quarter of FY2022-23 may be revalidated up to 31.03.2023. TRQ allottees may apply for revalidation on the DGFT Website ( by navigating to --» Services --» Import Management System --»Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) --» Apply for revalidation.
  3. The validity for TRQs under tariff head 7108 to be issued for 4” quarter of FY2022- 23 shall be 30.06.2023.

Effect of this Public Notice: Reference the implementation of TRQs under India-UAE CEPA, Annexure-IV of Appendix-2A has been revised wherein traders have been allowed to import under TRQs for all tariff lines except 7108. TRQs already issued in FY 2022-23 under tariff head 7108 may be revalidated till 31.03.2023. Validity of TRQs under tariff head 7108 to be issued for 4^ quarter of FY2022-23 shall be 30.06.2023. Allocation of TRQs under tariff head 7108 from FY2023-24 onwards, shall be on annual basis. The last date for application for TRQs under India-UAE CEPA for FY2023-24 shall be 28.02.2023.

Conditions for Imports of items under the TRQ under India- UAE CEPA as under

Annexure-IV to Appendix-2A is amended to read as follows -

These imports of Items will be permitted subject to the following arrangements/ procedure: -

  1. Import would be subject to Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) Notification No. 22/2022-Customs dated 30th April 2022 (as amended from time to time) relating to India-UAE CEPA.
  2. At the time of clearance of the import consignment, the importer in India must produce a Certificate of Origin issued by concerned authorities in UAE.
  3. The year in respect of these imports will be the period from 1°t April to 31°’ March, i.e., financial year in India.
  4. All applications for grant of TRQ authorizations shall be submitted online through the DGFT website ( --» Import Management System --»Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ)
  5. TRQ limits to be proportioned annually. The application along with the requisite fee is required to be filed online. The last date for applications for annual allocation for FY 2023-24 and onwards shall be 28’h February of the previous financial year.
  6. [deleted]
    1. For Gold TRQ under 7108, the following conditions shall be considered additionally:
      1. Eligible Applicant must be a jewellery manufacturer.
      2. Eligible Applicant must be engaged in the business of goods falling under ITC(HS) codes 7108, 7113, 7114 and 7118 in Chapter 71 of ITC(HS).
      3. Such Jewellery manufacturer should have an average annual turnover of Rs. 25 crores over the last 3 financial years.
      4. The turnover of such Jewellery manufacturer should either:
  7. comprise of 90% of items manufactured/sold under HS code 7113, or
  8. comprise of a quantity of items manufactured/sold under HS code 7113 which is at least equal to the TRQ quantity bid by the respective jewellery manufacturer (capped to the maximum TRQ allocation permissible per annum) under HS code 7113.
  9. Such Jewellery manufacturer should have a GST number and should have filed GST returns up to the applicable preceding GST return filing period.


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