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Antecedent verification must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the application

Circular No. 05/2023-Customs dated 21st February. 2023

Amendment in Circular No. 26/2016-Customs dated 09.06.2016

Para 4.1 of Circular 26/2016-Customs dated 09.06.2016 provides for a centralized system of antecedent verification of the applicants of license under the Public Warehousing Licensing Regulations. 2016, the Private Warehousing Licensing Regulations. 2016 or the Special Warehousing Licensing Regulations. 2016.

It has been brought to notice that cases of such antecedent verification are facing unreasonable delays at certain field formations. In order to ensure that this task is completed in a time bound manner. it has been decided to amend the aforesaid Circular 26/2016-Customs by inserting the following sentence at the end of Para 4.1:

"The antecedent verification must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the application.

The CAG of India, in Report No. 19 of 2022 (Performance Audit) has also observed on implementation aspects of the above Circular relating to the non-capturing of certain details in the application for warehousing license. annual renewal of solvency certificate. annual renewal of risk insurance policy and irregular storage of goods in public/private bonded warehouses.

The Board directs that it be ensured that every prescribed requirement is properly complied by the applicant and thoroughly checked by the officer(s) concerned.

Each specific case included in the said Report No.19 must also be addressed on priority. 

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