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GST e-invoice system enabled New validation process for all B2B transactions related to services

E-Invoice new validation,

Updates in validations

Release date: 30.01.2023

  1. With reference to the circular a new validation has been incorporated. For all B2B transactions, selection of PoS State Code as ‘96- Other Country’ is enabled for HSN related to the Services by way of transportation of goods, including by mail or courier . The list of items should have only the items with HSNs belonging to 9965 and 9968
  2. For all transactions, the document date 01/10/2021 onwards only will be accepted.
  3. With reference to integration of GST Look Up System, a new Error code 2295 is added for Duplicate requests apart from 2150. If an IRN is already generated with other IRP and the same request is again sent to NIC-IRP, error code 2295 will be responded with description as “IRN is already generated and registered with GSTN Lookup Portal by other IRP”.


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