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How to download CSI file for TDS paid from Income Tax Portal

CSI file for filing TDS Return

Recently Income Tax Department has facilitated to make TDS payment through income tax e-filing portal from the designated banks. As of now seven banks have been authorized to make TDS payment through Income tax e-filing portal. For the other bank holder’s, the taxpayer can make payment through NSDL Portal as earlier.

(Click here for Procedure to make TDS payment or to General challan form (CRN) from Income Tax Portal)

Now after making TDS payment through Income Tax Portal, The Taxpayer is facing issue in checking their challan details and unable to download CSI file from OLTAS portal. As the details of TDS paid through Income Tax Portal is not reflecting on OLTAS.

In earlier TDS payment system, tax was paid from NSDL website and after generating challan details, it can be checked from the OLTAS website and CSI file can be downloaded from there for TDS return, these details is accessible from OLTAS portal either through TAN basis or CIN basis.

CSI file is a necessary file which is use to match TDS paid challan in filing TDS return, it’s important to get CSI file for filing the TDS return. Now the issue is TDS payment which is made from the e-filing portal is not available for checking challan details or downloading CSI file from OLTAS portal, so how to check challan details and get CSI file?

So, CSI file and challan details for TDS paid through e-filing portal can be accessed at Income Tax Portal only and need to visit OLTAS website for these details.

To check TDS challan details;

  1. Visit Income Tax e filing Portal
  2. Login with TAN Number
  3. Under Services section go with E-Pay Tax

Once you click on e-pay tax you will have three details, a) Saved Challans, b) generated challans and c) Payment History.

Under saved challan you will get details of challan for which CRN not generated (Incomplete challan) if you wish, you can complete this challan and generate CRN.

Under Generated Challan you will get details of challans for which CRN is generated and its pending for payment, Generated challan under this section will be valid for 15 days for payment from date of its generation. If payment not made within this period the said challan will be expire and you have to generate a fresh challan for payment.

Under Payment History you will get details of challan for which payment have been made, you can download paid TDS challan form in PDF from action tab.

To Generate CSI file for TDS paid through Income Tax Portal

Under Payment History Section you can get filter option just above the action tab, you have to make filter of the period for which you want to download CSI file.

(Note – Under filter period can be selected for maximum of 24 month and the from date should be on or after 1st July 2022)

After putting the filter for the challan period, “Download Challan file” option will be enabled on left side just below to the payment History box. So you can download CSI file from this option.

For understanding these Procedures practically, You can watch our Youtube Video for “How to download CSI file and check challan details”

Since this system is new the taxpayer is facing many issues due to the portal glitches, like;

Even if you make proper filter CSI file is not enable to download.

There is no option to select or unselect particular challan during selected period like OLTAS portal had.

Hope these issues will be resolve soon.



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