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Various Income Tax Updated as on 1st October 2022 for e-Payment of Tax and electronic filing of Forms

Income Tax E payment,

On 1st October 2022 CBDT has given various update on its e-filing portal for e-payment of tax through income tax portal and to enable forms to be file on e-filing portal.

The Said updates are Re-produced here as under;

  1. Form 3CF is available for electronic filing on the portal. Reference may be made to CDBT Circular No.5/2022 dated 16th March, 2022 for last date for physical filing of Form No. 3CF.


  1. Form No. 69 and Form No. 70 notified vide Notification No.111/2022 dated 28-Sep-2022. Form No. 69 is available for filing on the portal. Form No. 70 will be enabled shortly.


  1. e-Pay Tax service is now enabled for Karur Vysya Bank with Over the Counter and Net Banking options.


  1. Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank and Indian Overseas Bank have been migrated from OLTAS e-Payment of Taxes at NSDL to e-Pay Tax facility at the e-Filing portal for payment of taxes henceforth.


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