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Important Update: Income Tax Department enables “Discard ITR” Option for Unverified Original/Belated/Revised ITRs Starting from AY 2023-24

Question 1:
I filed my Original ITR u/s 139(1) on 30th July 2023 but not yet verified. Can I Discard it?

Yes, user can avail the option of “Discard” for the ITRs being filed u/s 139(1) /139(4) / 139(5) if they do
not want to verify it. User is provided a facility to file an ITR afresh after discarding the previous 
unverified ITR. However, if the “ITR filed u/s 139(1)” is Discarded and the subsequent return is filed after 
the due date u/s 139(1), it would attract implications of belated return like 234F etc., Thus, it is advised to 
check whether the due date for filing the return u/s 139(1) is available or not before discarding any 
previously filed return.

Question 2:
I Discard my ITR by-mistake. Is it possible to reverse it?

No, if ITR is Discarded once, it can’t be reversed. Please be vigilant while availing Discarding option. If an 
ITR is Discarded, it means that, such ITR is not filed at all.

Question 3:
Where can I find “Discard option” ?

User can find Discard option in below path : → Login → e-File → Income Tax Return → e-Verify ITR → “Discard”

Question 4:
Is it mandatory to file subsequent ITR if I “Discarded” my previous unverified ITR ?



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